Bi-directional DC, Battery Simulator: ESD Series
• Customized voltage, current and power ranges• Output voltage up to 1500V
• Program accuracy up to 0.1%
• Seamless transition between source and sink modes (-R option)
• Current rise time (10% -90%) <1ms (-BSS option)
• CC/CV/CP/CR mode available
• PV simulation and battery simulation GUI software• Mod-bus/SCPI protocols
• CE conformity
Bi-directional AC, Grid Simulator: ESA Series
• Single system from 30kVA to 500kVA and parallel up to 2MVA and above • Customized voltage, current and power ranges • Independent three-phase output • Voltage and frequency sequencing programming via GUI • Up to 40th harmonic waveform generation • Voltage drop simulation (LVRT for inverter test) • ON and OFF output phase angle can be programmed • Current limit can be programmed, output can be shorted for short circuit test • Triger out, TTL signal output for voltage or frequency change
High Power, High Frequency, Bi-directional Power System: KGS Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
• SiC MOSFET Switching Power Supplies • Modular design, based on 15KW single phase power modules • Seamless transition between source and sink modes • Up to 2000Hz output (-HF option) Add single phase output (-1P option) • Customized output, up to 750V L-N over full frequency range • TFT-Touch panel operation • Mod-bus/SCPI protocols • Standard LAN/RS485 interfaces • CE conformity
Special Power Sources
PSM High Voltage Power Source

• Voltage up to 100KV • Current up to 200A

Output voltage stability: <1%

Output voltage settling time: 100us

Protection response time: 5us

RMP Power Source

Tokamak RMP coil application Output current up to 10000A

Output frequency up to 3000Hz

Used in Magnetic confinement fusion and Proton accelerator

MMC DC/DC Converter

• Modular Multilevel Converter

High Voltage

Isolation by high frequency transformer

Used in dynamic simulation of HVDC


High voltage AC convert to high voltage DC

AC voltage up to 10KV

DC voltage up to +/-10KV

Applicable as bi-directional high voltage DC         source or eload