High Power
Single System ~500KW Paralled System ~4MW+
Regenerative AC and DC Power Solutions for Green Energy Applications
High Frequency
Output 700V L-N
From DC to 2KHz

Customized System
10MW/±5kV VSC-HVDC System
Modular Multi-Level DC-DC Converter
100KV/200A/20KHz PSM

ESA Series AC Source
Ÿ 30KVA to 500KVA
Ÿ Regenerative mode
Ÿ Grid simulation

Ÿ Configurable to load

KGS Series AC/DC Power Source
High Power AC &DC Sources
Customized Systems
VSC-HVDC System Ÿ 10MW/±5kV Ÿ High reliability Ÿ Full Circuit Protection
ESD Series DC Source

Ÿ 30KW to 500KW

Ÿ Regenerative mode

Ÿ   Battery test / battery simulation
Ÿ Configurable to load

BIP Series Dual Output Power Source

Ÿ   Independent dual output

Ÿ   Each output can be AC or DC, source or load

Modular Multi-Level
DC-DC Converter
PSM Power Supply
Ÿ Up to 100KV, 200A
Ÿ Up to 20KHz
Power Supply
Ÿ Up to 4000A
Ÿ   Modular Design

Ÿ Regenerative mode

Ÿ   AC, DC or AC+DC
Ÿ   Up to 700V from DC to 2KHz

About us

Bridge Technology is a company focusing on business of power supplies and test systems for new energy applications. We are devoted to providing high quality products and solutions for customers.

Bridge Technology has a top-class R&D team in China, works on modularization and standardization power supplies and systems. We have sales, technical support, R&D and manufacture in Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu.

Nanjing Bridge New Energy Technology was founded on Jan 12th, 2016, focusing on R&D and manufacturing BriPower brand power systems, including bi-directional AC sources for grid simulation, bi-directional DCsources for battery simulation, and regenerative loads. The BriPower AC&DC power systems are widely used in new energy and related fields.